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Z Gallerie Candle Hack

We have these beautiful candle holders from our wedding that have fallen in to disarray over the years. They needed a makeover and I saw these on the Z Gallerie website. So pretty and festive right?

But $18 for a candle hurts my soul, especially when it's a candle that someone covered in glue and rolled in to some beads. So here's what I gathered:

2 3”x6” pillar candles

Small gold beads


Mod Podge

A foam paint brush

Painter's tape

First, I wrapped the painter's tape around the top and bottom of each of my candles.

I then mixed 1 part mod podge to 2 parts glitter in the mixing bowl and smeared a thin coat on to the exposed part of each candle.

Next, I poured some beads on to my work surface, spread them out evenly, and then rolled each candle through them.

I let them dry for a few hours before going back and coating the candles with another layer of mod podge so that the beads would stay put. Here's a close up of that.

After letting the last layer of mod podge dry overnight, I peeled the painter's tape off and put each candle in to it's new home. I think it looks super pretty!