I saw that wrap belts were in style for Spring 2017 and I figured I probably had some sturdy fabric lying around I could use to make one. Turns out, I was right! I had some upholstery fabric, the yellow color was a bonus. Here's what you need to make your own:

- 1 yard heavy weight fabric (you could even do leather or pleather)
- Some scrap fabric or paper for a pattern 
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine
- Ironing supplies

The first thing I did was take my waist measurement. You are going to want to use your exact waist measurement for this project because it will insure that the finished belt doesn't overlap itself in the back. Next, i created a pattern for the main part of the belt using my scrap fabric. I just folded the scrap fabric lengthwise once, then widthwise once. I decided I wanted the belt to start tapering as it hit my side and cut my scrap fabric accordingly, rounding the edges at the end. 

1. I folded my upholstery fabric and my pattern in half widewise, placed my pattern on to the fold of my upholstery fabric and cut out the front and back pieces of my belt. Set those pieces aside.

2. Using the longest length of your fabric (still folded in half), cut two long strips. Mine measured 1.5in.x56in. Fold and iron both of these strips so that they measure about 1/2in.x56in. Then sew using a straight stitch. Now you have your finished belt laces.

3. With your first waist piece right side up, place one of your laces on each side of your belt with about 1/2 sticking out of the end. Pin.

4. Put your second waist piece on top of the first one and the laces and pin all the way around, leaving about a 6in. opening. Sew all the way round leaving the opening so you can flip it right side out.

5. Flip the belt right side out and iron so that the belt is flat (ironing obviously will only work if you are using cloth fabric, don't do this if you are using leather or pleather). You also need to fold in the edges of the opening and iron down so that they match up with the part you've already sewn. The last step is to sew all the way around your belt, in the process you will obviously close your opening.

And you're done! Here's some pictures of mine.

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