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Tube Maxi Dress Tutorial
I've been having really great luck buying fabric on Amazon and I got this beautiful blue jersey fabric not too long ago. I figured it would make a nice summer dress. To make this dress you need:

- 2 yards of jersey fabric (mine has a little stretch both ways)
- Sewing machine and sewing notions
- Matching thread

First, I measured my waist as well as the measurement on top of my bust and from my bust to where I want the waist band to hit (I wanted the waist of the dress to hit right under my bust). I also measured, from my waist, how long I wanted the skirt to be. Folding my fabric in half, inside-out, I cut two strips (one for the waist and a longer one for the bust. I made both strips twice the width I wanted them to actually be on the dress and folded them both lengthwise before I sawed them. I used the majority of the rest of the fabric for the skirt portion of the dress. For this portion, I cut two large rectangles and tapered up about three inches so the bottom of my skirt was just a little wider than the top. After I cut all my pieces, I pinned the two top pieces together and sewed them together lengthwise using a zig-zag stitch (this makes it so your fabric will still stretch after it's sewn)

After I sewed the two bodice pieces together lengthwise, I pinned it together width-wise inside out and sewed so I had a circle.

Then I sewed the two sides of the skirt part together also using a zig-zag stitch. I took the top of my skirt and sewed a loose straight stitch along the whole edge. When doing this, you must back-stitch at the beginning and leave the end of the stitch loose. After you have make the straight stitch, cut the thread off generously, take one of the two threads and pull taught so that the top of your skirt begins to ruffle. Pull it until it's roughly the same diameter as your bodice. (here's a tip: when you make ruffles you are not really pulling the thread, you are just moving the fabric along the thread).

Turn your skirt right-side in, and with the edge of the bodice/waist piece inside-out (fit the top of the skirt in to the bottom of the waist piece), sew a zig-zag stitch all the way around. After doing this I cut off the extra fabric with the straight stitches in it so that the dress, itself, would be able to stretch.

Then I hemmed the bottom of that bad boy and I was done!