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Triangular Blanket Cape DIY
For the triangular version of the blanket cape you will need:

-1 1/4 yards fabric (I chose a 55 inch wide lightweight plaid)
         Note: You want to end up with a perfect square so the amount of fabric you need depends on the width
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine

So here's what you do:
1. If you are like me and you end up with a non-perfect square, lay your fabric flat on the floor, fold it in to a triangle and cut off the excess on the bottom.
2. Unfold fabric, find the middle, and cut from one corner to the middle as shown in the picture. My fabric was fraying more than I liked so, it was at this step that I hemmed all the edges.
3. Fold fabric in half (as shown in the picture below) so that all the points are down and the front is a couple inches longer than the bottom. To get the next measurements all you have to do is lay on the middle of the garment lining your neck up with the neckline and mark a couple inches from under your underarm hits the fabric. My measurements were 11 inches down and 9 inches across starting from the neckline. I sewed a 4 inch horizontal stitch across so the cape hung nicely.

This is how it looked when I was done!

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