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Flowy Tank Tutorial

Fawning over the $250 burgundy tank (on the left) had me half convinced that I could actually make one for myself. Amazingly, it turned out great! I decided to use some cheaper fabric just as a tester (that's where the heathered purple jersey knit on the right came in).

Here's what I used:

- 1 Yard jersey knit fabric
- Matching thread (I used white, it was just fine)
- Sewing supplies and machine
- Ironing supplies
- A tank that fits you well on the top

First, I laid out my fabric and folded it in half. Then I took my tank top, folded it in half length-wise and used the straps as well as the first two inches of the top of the tank to use as a pattern on the fold of your fabric. Make two identical pieces for the front and back of the tank. Pin the pieces together (two front pieces together and two back pieces together) and sew (using a zig-zag stitch) the arm, neckline and side parts together leaving the straps and the bottom loose. Turn both sides inside out and sew flat.

Now for the body of the top. I honestly just cut out the biggest rectangle I could from the fabric I had left (it ended up being 27”Lx22”W) and worked with it until I had to hem the finished product. So take each of your rectangles and sew a straight stitch across the very the top of each piece leaving about two inches unsewn on each side. Pull one of the threads to create a ruffle that is roughly the length of the top piece. Place the top piece upside down on top of each ruffle and sew.

Now you have the front and the back sides of your top and all you have to do is pin them together right side in and sew. Then hem the bottom and you're finished!

I think I'm going to make one out of a burgundy jersey knit I just got too!