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Swim Tunic Tutorial
I don't really go in the sun but I made this awesome tunic to go over the incredibly expensive bikini I never wear. Here's what you need to make your own:

- 2 yards of fabric (I chose a chiffon which isn't exactly easy to work with)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine
- Ironing supplies

I cut out the pieces as follows:

- 2 pieces 33”Lx27”W (front and back pieces for the body)
- 2 pieces 10”Lx26”W (for the sleeves)

I first took my two body pieces, folded them in half lengthwise together and rounded out the bottom. I also cut a v-neckline in to the front body piece.

Making a hem on anything using chiffon is impossible so I started making an invisible hem with the sleeves by cutting out a 26”Lx5”W strip, folding it in half lengthwise and ironing. I then attached each strip to each sleeve like so.

I sewed the body together leaving two 13” gaps at the top of the body where I would connect the sleeves. After sewing the body, I added the sleeves (body inside out, sleeves right side out). I also added trim to the neckline and the bottom of the piece and then I was done! I might have to go in the sun this year just to show it off.