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DIY Cloth Swiffer Covers
Our new place has a lot less hardwood flooring in it than the last one but it's also real so we need to clean it differently (ie. A soft cloth+pledge). I had a lot of extra flannel scraps laying around from a few projects so I decided that I would use them to make some DIY Swiffer covers. Here's what you need:

- Flannel (maybe ½ yard, but it depends on how many you want to make)
- Thread
- Sewing supplies and sewing machine
- Ironing supplies
- Swiffer sweeper

Ok, both patterns of my flannel scraps had already been washed so I measured out and cut eight cloths at 9 ½” wide and 10 ½” long.

Then I ironed down all the sides about ¼ inch and pinned. Pinning in the corners is a lot easier when you have fabric that you are folding over on to itself.

Then I sewed around each one using a zig-zag stitch and I was done! I used one this morning to clean the floor and it worked wonders. The best part it they are washable!