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Skater Dress Tutorial
I finally got some fabric that would be perfect for this project. I ordered it online and, when it came, I honestly thought it looked like a table cloth and I was going to return it but then I figured I would just use it to make a dress and if it turned out terrible it wouldn't be that much of a loss. Now that I have turned it in to a dress I actually like the print and I'm glad I didn't go with my first impulse. So, to make your own dress you'll need:

- 2 yards of fabric (I used a stretchy fabric)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine
- Ironing supplies
- A shirt that fits you well
- A hell of a lot of patience for the ridiculously long hem

First, I measured my waist and divided that umber by four. I folded the fabric once lengthwise and then again width-wise. Taking the folded corner of the fabric, I used pins to mark where my waist measurement hit. Then I used my measuring tape as a guide and marked off 28” all the way around the quarter of fabric and cut out my piece. 28” was the longest my skirt could be, I figured I would just cut it super long and shorten it later if I wanted to, which I didn't. Basically you just make a big circle with a hole in the middle of it, the figure below shows an example of what your circle should look like when it is folded up both ways.

I then took the rest of my fabric, and folded it in half. I used a quarter-length sleeve top as a pattern and cut out the top and the sleeves. Then I pinned and sewed all three pieces (down both sides of the bodice and the underpart of each sleeve.

Then I sewed each sleeve to the bodice. I had to take the bodice in a little to get it to line up correctly with the skirt. Before I sewed the skirt on, I also decided to make invisible hems for the ends of the sleeves and for the neckline. I cut out on long strip of fabric, folded it in half, ironed it and pinned it to my neckline with the intention of making a v-neck. I played with this a little bit because I had never sewed a neckline successfully. I sewed it all the way around and then brought both ends in at the “V” part of the neck. I also cut out two shorter strips to use on the sleeves.

I turned the bodice inside out and pinned the edges of it on to the waist of the skirt, then sewed.

My last step was ironing and pinning the hem with takes forever because the hem is so long. I also had to make small cuts about every six inches on the hem because it's a circle. It turned out so cute, I can't wait to wear it!