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Easy Envelope-Style Seat Cushion Tutorial
I looked at so many tutorials on this and they were all epically long for such a simple project. It literally took me a couple hours to do this. Here's what I used:

- 1 ½ yards 45” home décor fabric
- 2 15”x17”x2” cushion forms
- Sewing supplies and sewing machine
- Ironing supplies
- Matching thread

So I started by ironing the fabric and then cutting it in half. I measured the width I would need and cut off the excess fabric. With each end of the fabric I folded over twice ironed and pinned. Then I sewed each of the four ends.

Using the excess fabric, I created four ties, two for each cushion. I first ironed both sides down then ironed and pinned it together like so.

Then I folded my main fabric over itself to create a pocket and pinned each tie in to the fabric like this. I sewed both sides shut on each of the cushions andturned them inside out. The last thing I did was fold over the ends of each tie string and sewed so they don't fray.

That was it! Super easy stuff and they look really nice!