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Plaid Flannel Shirt Refashion
Sometimes (actually, most of the time), when you're a tall person, it's difficult to find anything that's long enough for you, pants and shirts. And when you do find something long enough, it doesn't come cheap. You know what is long enough? Menswear. So this year I have decided to spend some time learning how to refashion menswear to fit me and I started with this plaid flannel shirt refashion. Here's what you need:

- A men's collared shirt (I was unable to find one at a thrift store so I got one at Walmart (size Medium) for $8
- Sewing supplies and machine

To start, turn your shirt inside out buttoned all the way up and use the pinch and pin method, pinning so the shirt fits a little more snug from the bottom of the shirt all the way through to the cuff. Do this on one side. Take the shirt off and pin the other side using the measurements you got when you pinned the first side. Now sew both sides and cut off the excess fabric. That's it! Mine turned out awesome!

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