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I Made Palazzo Pants, You Can Too!
I've been seeing palazzo pants EVERYWHERE and I love them! But, again, I'm not going to spend a bunch of money just to get a pair of pants that are long enough for me. This project ended up costing me about $10. Here's what I used:

- 2 yards jersey knit fabric (mine is actually pretty see-through but it's a dark color so you can't really tell)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and sewing machine
- Pants that fit you (I used yoga pants for my pattern)

The first thing I did was get out my yoga pants. I laid them on top of my fabric which I had folded in half length-wise (my fabric ended up only being able to stretch horizontally which was fine). I added about 2 ½ inches to each side of my pants (palazzo pants are supposed to be loose fitting), pinned and cut. So at this point you have one pant leg, you can make another two by using the first set as a pattern, much easier than trying to measure it out again. I also cut out a waistband. These were very big but it was intentional because I had room to tailor them at the end.

When you finish cutting all four pieces for the legs, take one set and turn them both so that they are right side-in, put one on top of the other and line up the “J.” Sew along this line for both sets of leg pieces. Unfold them and you have both the front and back of your pants.

Now, with both right sides-in, pin the crotch and inner part of both legs. The easiest way to sew this is to start with the crotch and work out. After you finish sewing the inside part of the legs, pin and sew the outside part of each leg.

At this point, I tried the pants on and brought them in as needed (I probably brought them in a good 6”-8”). I then took my waistband piece and measured in to be the same length as the circumference, plus about 1” seam allowance, of the waist on my pants, pinned and sewed. I folded the piece in half lengthwise and then pinned it upside down on to the waist of the right side-out pants.

When I was totally finished tailoring the pants to fit me, I hemmed the bottoms. They turned out so cute, I love them!