​​​​​​​​​You Crafty Bitch

I discovered that Walmart has men's sweatshirts for less than $7 and decided that I needed a flash dance shoulder sweatshirt. This is a no sew project and it took me about 5 minutes to complete. You will need:

- A sweatshirt
- Scissors
- A measuring tape
- A pen to mark your measurements

The first thing you're going to do is fold your sweatshirt in half lengthwise and mark the middle of the neck with your pen. Then you are going to take your measuring tape and measure the distance, in centimeters, between the bottom of the left side of your neck to your right shoulder (mine was 38 centimeters). Divide that number by two, so mine is 19 centimeters. Lay your sweatshirt flat. Measure 1.5 inches from the neck to the shoulder and mark with your pen. From that mark, I measured out 19 inches around the neck to the middle collar mark. 

Now you're ready to start cutting. Make a small cut down the shoulder mark. Cutting only the top for this step, cut in a circular fashion around the neckline to your middle mark then stop. Fold the piece you cut over to the other side of the neckline to use as a pattern for the other side and cut. For the back of the sweatshirt, cut straight across. If you don't cut straight across your hole will be too big. And you're done! Here's mine along with a few different ways to wear it.

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