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I keep seeing the off-shoulder trend and I think it's so cute so I decided to make a dress of my own (To make a shirt, just make it shorter). Here's what you need to make yours:

- 1.25 yards fabric (I chose an indigo "linen look" fabric from Joann)
- Sewing and ironing supplies
- Matching thread
- Elastic (I used 1” wide)
- A safety pin

So the first thing I did was take some measurements

1. Length around the broadest part of the shoulders (you will add about 15 inches to this so there's enough fabric to create a ruffle)

2. Length you want your dress to be plus 1 inch for the hem (mine was 29 inches)

3. Width you want your dress to be (I wanted it to be loose because it was going to be short, the best way to get this measurement is to measure around the widest part of your hips and add about 5 inches)

So I cut my three pieces of fabric using my measurements. I then tapered the two body pieces about 1.5 inches and cut arm holes to the specifications on my measurement chart above (5”Lx3”W).

I ironed, pinned and sewed the hem of the ruffle piece (0.5 inches) and then sewed the two ends together inside out using a straight stitch. I ironed out the edges to make it flatter. Now that your top tube is finished, on the the body. With I body pieces, the first thing I did was iron, pin and sew the four arm edges. Then I lined the two body pieces together right side in and sewed them together to create the body of the dress. I ironed out the seams.

Turning both pieces right side in, I marked the middle of both on the top and lined them up putting the body piece in between the top tube piece. I pinned the top tube around the back and front parts of the body and sewed them together.

Now to create a tube for your elastic. Turn your dress inside out and iron down 0.5 inches all the way around the top, then fold and iron down 1.5 inches and pin in place. The tube should be wider or narrower depending on the width of your elastic.

Run a straight stitch ALMOST all the way around the dress, leaving about 2 inches so you can add your elastic. Measure your elastic using measurement 1 above and subtract 2 inches so the dress will stay up. Run the elastic through your tube, sew the two ends together and finish the seam on the tube to enclose the elastic.

Hem the dress and you'
re done! Mine turned out a lot cuter than I thought it would, now I want one in every color.

I also made a shirt using the same type of fabric.

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Off-Shoulder Ruffle Dress Tutorial