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Yoga Waist Midi Skirt Tutorial
This skirt literally took me 30 minutes to make. You will need:

- ¾ yard of jersey fabric (the fabric I chose is double sided)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine
- Ironing supplies

To start out, I cut out two identical rectangles of fabric based on my waist measurement and how long I wanted my skirt (my skirt was 23 inches long). I also cut out two shorter strips of fabric for the waistband, my waist measurement plus 1” seam allowance and 13” wide. I put both wrong sides of the skirt body together on the length sides, pinned and sewed with a zig-zag stitch. I did the same thing for my waistband.

When I finished sewing those pieces, I turned both pieces inside out. I folded the waistband in half lengthwise and pinned it to the top of the body of the skirt. I sewed the waistband on to the skirt also using a zig-zag stitch. Then I ironed and pinned a hem on to the bottom of the skirt and sewed that as well.

Here is my finished product! Happy sewing!