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Candle Jar Upcycle Take 2

I guess I need to branch out from buying Bath and Body Works candles but sometimes I just can't pass up a good sale. So here I am with two more empty ones which I used to turn in to holders for smaller candles. I first had to clean out all the leftover wax inside of them, a process you can see here. Then I gathered my supplies:

2 Empty jar candle holders (I love these)

2 Candle stick holders

2 Small candles

Small rocks

Mod Podge

Glitter (I used gold)

Foam brush

Painter's tape

Super glue

I started by taping off where I wanted my glitter and mod podge mixture to go on each jar. I decided on two different patterns.

I then mixed my mod podge and glitter together (1 part glitter, 1 part mod podge) and I used my foam brush to paint the first layer on to each glass jar. I used a pretty thick first layer and let it dry for a few hours.

I used the same mixture to paint the glass candle sticks holders which I also allowed to dry for a few hours. Just a note, I did not paint the very top of the candle stick holders, nor the underside.

Even though you will probably see the mixture separating from the glass in some small areas (especially on the candle stick holders), try to let it dry completely. Then go over the candle sticks and jars one more time to cover those spots all at once. I let them dry overnight at this point. When dry, peel the painter's tape off of your jars and turn them upside down. Add super glue to the top of your candle stick holders and press each one gently on to the bottom of each jar. Allow to dry before turning over.

Add rocks or pretty glass stones to the jars along with your small candles and you're done! I think they look great with these.