​​​​​​​​​You Crafty Bitch

Glittery Striped Picture Frames

We just don't really have a lot of decorative stuff that is visually child friendly so I've been attempting to remedy that little by little, taking special care to stay under my husband's radar. For this project I used:

2 black rounded edge picture frames (I got them at the Dollar Tree)

Acrylic paint (I picked an aqua color)

Glitter (I picked gold)

Mod podge

Painter's tape

Foam paint brush

Scrapbook paper (I chose a sparkly gold)

First, I painted each frame with my aqua colored acrylic paint and let them dry. I then used the painter's tape to make stripes on each picture frame. You can always make them match, but I decided to make one with horizontal stripes and one with vertical stripes.

Next, I mixed my Mod podge and glitter (I used 2 parts Mod podge to 1 part glitter). With a foam paint brush, I painted the exposed parts of each picture frame and let them each dry for about an hour before I painted a second coat over the first.

I let them dry overnight and then removed the tape (I love removing the tape, it's the same feeling you get when you remove the protective cover on your new phone screen). Lastly, I used the glass inserts as a stencil to measure the scrapbook paper I bought as a background for my photos.

Then I put my pictures in them. Easy enough and it really didn't take that much effort. Happy crafting.