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Foldover Tunic Top DIY
I'm getting better at re-creating things I see in passing which was kind of my goal with this site in the first place. I saw a top like this about a month ago and knew I could make it so I gave it a shot and it turned out super cute. Since I'm 1,000 months pregnant, I can't really wear it yet, but soon. You will need:
- 1.5 yards of jersey knit fabric (mine was a heavier fabric that held a fold well)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and machine
- A long sleeve shirt that fits you well to use as a pattern

Here's what I did:
I first took my long sleeve pattern tee shirt, folded the top underneath about two inches and cut out two body pieces and two arms using the fold of my fabric as a guide (obviously, if your top is not tunic length, you need to add a few inches to the bottom). I measured the width of the bottom of the sleeve (mine was about 8 inches) and cut two rectangular pieces of fabric measuring 8"x13". I also measured the top of my pattern tee shirt while folded under and used the rest of my fabric to create a tube with a width of 11" (so folded in half lengthwise it would be 5.5", obviously the length depends on your personal measurement).

1. With front sides together, I pinned and sewed the two body pieces together from armpit to hem using a zig-zag stitch (use this stitch for every step)
2. I folded my two cuff pieces lengthwise right sides facing each other and sewed together creating two tubes.
3. With the sleeve flat, I sewed my cuffs on to each sleeve with the seam of each cuff attaching to the end of each sleeve.
4. I folded each of my sleeves in half inside out, pinned and sewed.
5. I attached the sleeves to the body.
6. with right sides facing, I sewed the tube together and folded in half width-wise. with the body of my shirt right side out, I pinned the tube around the top of the body and sewed. You can also hem your shirt at this point, although I did not.

Here's my finished piece!

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