​​​​​​​​​You Crafty Bitch

Leggings: Victoria's Secret
Top: Shop above
Bag: Target. Similar here
Booties: Target
Boho Tops For Spring

1. Lucky Brand

2. Lucky Brand

3. Lucky Brand

4. Christophe Sauvat

5. Rebecca Taylor

6. Sanctuary

7. Staccato

8. Lucky Brand

9. Lucky Brand

10. Chan Luu

11. Chan Luu

Below my jeans are from Joe's Jeans, my top is Lucky Brand, Booties and Tote are from Target and my sunglasses are Coach.

Ton Ten Skincare Must Haves
1. Sonoma 
2. Old Navy
3. AG
4. Soft Joie
5. J. Crew
6. McGuire
7. Rag & Bone
8. AG
9. Paige

My favorite chambray shirt was a piece that I almost didn't buy. You know how you find something you love but you talk yourself out of it because you convince yourself that you'll never wear it? Yeah I wear this thing ALL THE TIME. It's an every season type of shirt when worn the right way. Above, I've gathered all my favorites to share with you and you can shop them through the links provided. Below are some examples of how I've worn both of mine over the past year. 

Chambray Shirts
1. Origins Checks and Balances
2. Trophy Skin
3. Loreal
4. Ponds
5. Origins Charcoal Mask
6. Vaseline
7. Lancome
8. Eucerin
9. Cetaphil
10. Dove

Today I'm sharing my ton ten skincare must haves. Since moving to Arizona, my skincare routine has changed a bit because of the dry weather. Even though my skin is still super oily, it's also dry (go figure). All of these products help me keep the oil in check while still moisturizing it and making it look good under makeup. The microdermabrasion kit, while somewhat of an investment, is a new purchase that I am literally IN LOVE with.