I'm going to be wearing this top all summer and I might make more because it was so easy. What you need:

- ¾ yard fabric (I chose a lightweight jersey knit)
- Matching thread
- A safety pin
- Sewing and ironing supplies

The first thing I did was take some measurements:

1. Length from mid-shoulder to mid-shoulder
2. Length from the top of your shoulder to the bottom of your armpit
3. Length from bottom of one armpit across bust to the other bottom of armpit
4. Length from your collarbone to how long you want your shirt
5. Length around your hips (since I wanted the shirt to be loose I added about 5 inches to this measurement and then divided the number by 2, so if your hip measurement is 35, add 5 then divide by 2 and the length for each side of the shirt is 20)
6. Length you want the back to be, I chose for it to be longer than the front so I added about 4 inches

I cut the front piece first and then used it as a guide to cut the back piece since they aren't the same length. After I cut the back, I kept it folded and cut it straight down the middle.

I ironed and pinned the two inside lengths of the back piece, as well as the arm holes (#2) on the back and front pieces like so:

After sewing these pieces, I pinned the two back pieces together right sides in and sewed them together (using a zig-zag stitch) leaving a 7 inch slit on the top. I then put the back and front pieces together right side in and sewed them together on the sides only using a zig-zag stitch as well.

To make the tunnel for the top lace, I ironed an inch down the front and back top parts, pinned and sewed using a straight stitch. At this point you have three (1 in the front and 2 in the back) little tunnels.

The lace I made 55in. x 2in. I folded it over twice lengthwise, ironed and pinned and used a zig zag stitch to sew it together. It ended up being a little more than a half and inch wide. Then I used a safety pin to maneuver the lace through each of the tunnels starting with the middle back and ending at the middle back on the opposite side.

Lastly, I hemmed the bottom and the ends of the laces and I was done!

DIY Summer Top

​​​​​​​​​You Crafty Bitch