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DIY Stroller Cover
I finally got around to making a cover for Lily's stroller since it gets cold in Wisconsin (who knew?). It turned out super cute and useful.

All I needed was a yard of cotton fabric for the outside, I chose a pink and white chevron print, and a yard of fabric to line the cover, I chose a coordinating pink flannel. I also used two sets of Velcro squares, a matching pink thread and a little bit of contrasting fabric for the handle straps.

As you can see in the picture below, all I did was measure and cut the flannel and cotton fabrics to size and then sew them together. I then folded about a third of the fabric and sewed a seam all the way across the cover, inserting the handle straps as I went. Each handle strap was basically just two rectangles sewed together fitted with Velcro pieces so that they would connect to the handle. This was a little tricky, you have to make the Velcro connection very tight in order for the cover to stay put on the stroller.