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​DIY Monogram Letter

I see these everywhere. At first I thought they were a little cheesy and didn't want to have anything to do with them... that is until I had a kid, and seeing this didn't help either.

I set out to try to figure out a way to do this project without buying anything. I also wanted to make a three dimensional version of the project. How hard could it be? It's some cardboard and yarn. Maybe something worth noting is the fact that I crochet and I have COPIOUS amounts of yarn (see embarrassing and disgraceful picture below).

So here's what I gathered:

A cardboard box


5 empty Gerber baby food containers (I've been trying to figure out a use for these and voilà!)

Masking tape

Mod podge (of course)

Super glue

1. I first cut out two “L”s that were the same size.

2. Then, I measured out where I wanted my plastic baby containers to go, during this time I also decided that it would be best to just use the containers themselves and not their lids.

3. I super glued each one face down on the first “L.”

4. Then I put super glue on the backs of the corners of each of the containers and placed the other “L” on top. I dried the whole thing with a couple of books stacked on top to get the full effect of the super glue, as it were.

5. Once dry (about an hour), I placed small pieces of masking tape all along the edges of the entire letter.

6. I was going for an ombre effect so I chose a couple different colors of gray yarn as well as one in white.

7. The first place I started to wrap the white yarn was at the very top of the letter, for this I wrapped vertically.

8. Wrapping horizontally with my darkest gray yarn, I covered the end of the letter. I then started to wrap vertically toward the corner. At the corner, I did my best to cover the cardboard and tape by wrapping basically a TON of yarn on to it. This is where I started the lighter gray yarn as well. Then I finished wrapping with the white yarn.

This is my finished product. I decorated the corner with some flowers and I learned to crochet here.