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DIY Kindle Sleeve

If I know I will be in any waiting room type situation I always bring the Kindle with me so I have something to read but, many times, I find that it turns itself on in my purse because the “on” button is exposed. My Kindle needed a home, so I made one for it out of felt.

I got together three different colors of felt, beads, buttons and some embroidery thread. The first thing I did was measure out two pieces of felt (I used red for the sleeve), cut them out and sewed them together using a blanket stitch. You can learn how to do the stitch here.

Next, I started on the owl which took me a while to figure out, it was also my first attempt at embroidery. I chose a light gray and dark gray felt. I cut out all the pieces according to this picture, and then sewed them all together. Then I decorated him with some beads and embroidery stutching. He turned out so cute, I just love him.

Lastly, I added a couple buttons and a string to the sleeve in order to be able to close it. I also sewed on the owl. I think I will get a lot of use out of this. I'm now thinking about making one for my laptop and my phone.