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DIY Kimono
I have been obsessed with the kimono trend since last year, I honestly don't know if they are still in style and I don't care! I finally made one myself. I needed:

- About 1 ½ yards satin (or whatever you want)
- Matching thread
- Sewing supplies and sewing machine
- Iron and ironing board
- Some time on your hands because this wasn't exactly a quick project

Ok, so first off, I cut all of my pieces as follows:

- 1 piece measuring 37”x28” for the body

- 2 pieces measuring 26”x10” for the sleeves
- 2 pieces measuring 30”x10” for the front

I then folded the body piece in half length-wise and rounded out the bottom and cut a small semi-circle out of the middle of the top (measuring a little less than 6”).

I placed the body right side facing up and put the two front pieces on top of it right side down pinned and sewed. I left about 13” on each side not sewed for the arm holes. I pinned and sewed both sleeve pieces together and then fit them in to the body like so.

Now, If you really wanted to be done, you could just hem all the edges and there you have it but I decided to add a trim to all the edges that ended up taking me two days. Here's an example of how I did the sleeves.

I chose a very slippery fabric so hemming it was kind of a pain but I like the way it turned out.