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Easy DIY Curtain Tutorial
We just moved and our daughter no longer has to share her bedroom with my elliptical machine... Hooray! Not only does this mean that I can now work out while she sleeps, it also means that I have a new room to decorate. I have been wanting to make curtains for a long time, and there are a lot of tutorials out there (many of them confusing), so I decided to just wing it and see how they turned out. You will need:

- A measuring tape
- A window
- About 4 yards of fabric
- Matching thread
- Sewing kit and machine
- Ironing supplies

The first thing I did was measure Lily's bedroom window which ended up being 50”L x 60”W... brain surgery right there. I then went to Joann fabrics where where I got 4 yards of 45” wide fabric from the home décor fabric section as well as some matching thread. I figured I wanted my curtains longer than my window and, with 4 yards of fabric, all I really had to do was fold it in half width-wise and cut, leaving me with two pieces of the same size. I ironed each piece, then folded each length-wise hem over twice, ironed and pinned.

After sewing each of the four lengths, I folded the top over twice, ironed and pinned, leaving a bit more room with the second fold so there would be a pocket for the curtain rod. Then I ironed and pinned the bottom in the same fashion as the sides.

After sewing the top and bottom of each curtain panel, I simply hung them up and tied some ribbon around each panel and I was done.