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DIY Accent Pillows

This one is going to be short and sweet because I got both pieces of this project from other websites. I decided to do accent pillows as a starting point in re-upping our living room. I gathered some durable fabric, thread (I used embroidery floss), yarn and some beads. For the pillows themselves, I used this pattern. I chose it because it doesn't include a zipper. Here's a closeup of how they looked when I was done.

I used this tutorial for the crochet flowers. The beads were my way of hiding the fact that I had to sew the flowers on to the pillows. I basically just put three beads on the needle every time I popped it up from the back of the pillow, I did this about six times for each flower. Matching thread doesn't hurt either.

I think they make a wonderful addition to our couch, can's wait to make more, they were super easy.