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Crochet Wreath Turorial
I crochet scarves mostly. Every time I try to make a hat it ends up with a pointed tip so I gave up on that long ago. But anyway, remember this mess from a few projects ago?

I'm still working on ways to cut it down so I have an excuse to go out and buy some more yarn. That brings me to the crochet wreath. It's basically a scarf wrapped around a wreath form. This means that you can literally wrap a scarf or an old sweater around a wreath form and call it a wreath. Case and point.

I decided to make one from scratch instead in order to cut down on the yarn clutter so I got together:

14” foam wreath

Yarn in a few different textures and colors

      I used this and this

Crochet hook

Large embroidery needle

Door hook


The first thing I did was crochet the part of the project that you wrap around the wreath (basically a scarf). I measured how long it would need to be by using the middle circle of the wreath form as a guide. I made a bit of a pattern on it with two different colors using single crochet throughout.

I then wrapped the piece around the form making sure that the patterns matched up on the back so I didn't get any bunching. I used my embroidery needle and some yarn to sew the piece on to the wreath form.

It looked like this when I was done.

Then I crocheted my flowers using this tutorial, and sewed them on to the wreath using the same embroidery needle and yarn.

Somewhere in there I added a few more flowers to it. I placed my wreath hanger on the door and used my burlap ribbon to tie it on, finishing it with a nice bow.