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Cork Wreath Tutorial
I have been saving these corks up for this specific project for quite some time.

I did not drink ALL of this wine, about half of it is from a source who shall not be named. However, I did drink the other half of those bottles because I love wine. I guess if you aren't as dedicated as me you could buy your corks from a craft store, but that doesn't seem like it would be as satisfying for some reason. Anyway, for this project I used:

- A 14” foam wreath form
- 200-250 corks
- Toothpicks
- A sturdy poking device (screwdriver?)
- Some ribbon for hanging purposes

I feel like the person who wrote the tutorial I initially followed left a very important step out when explaining this whole thing and that is that poking real cork with a toothpick is a fool's errand (it just doesn't work). Below is how I used my screwdriver to poke an initial hole in to each cork before sticking a toothpick in it.

I started by filling in the middle of the wreath form and then gradually filled in the main part.

It took me about an hour with all the pre-poking of the corks. This is what it looked like when I was finished. I DID NOT hang this on the outside of my front door. Not that I think there's a thief in our neighborhood but I would be extremely upset if someone decided to steal it. A lot of hard work and dedication to drinking wine went in to the making of this.