I actually started these last spring... and then I got pregnant and I didn't want to do ANYTHING so they just sat there in my craft closet half done for almost a year (I totally have my shit together, I know). I picked them up again this week and finally made the finishing touches. Here's what you need:

- 1.5 yards chambray fabric
- Matching thread
- 1 inch wide elastic
- Pants that fit you well to use as a pattern (I used a pair of yoga pants and just made them a little bigger because chambray doesn't stretch)
- Sewing stuff, make sure you have a safety pin
- Ironing stuff

So the first thing I did was fold my pattern pants in half with the fronts facing and cut out two legs, I then folded the pants with the backs facing and cut out two backs. If you fold your chambray facing wrong side out you won't have to line up the legs for step 1. I made my leg pieces very long btw. I also cut out a waist piece using my waist measurement (or, you know, the measurement of one of your leg pieces multiplied by 4). My waist strip was 3 inches wide.

1. Pin your front two pieces together at the crotch and sew using a straight stitch. Do the same for the back two pieces.
2. Unfold the front and back two sets of legs and, with wrong sides facing up, pin together the middle two sections of leg and sew. Then pin the outer two sections of leg and sew. 
3. Take your waist strip and sew it to make a big circle for your waistband. Iron it in half width-wise.
4. With your pants facing right side out, pin the waistband to the top of your pants and sew ALMOST all the way around, leaving about 3 inches to add your elastic. Use your safety pin to guide your elastic through the waistband hole, sew closed. The last thing you have to do is hem your pants. You can also add a tie to the front if you want, obviously mine is superficial to the project itself. 

Here's my finished pants, perfect for spring!

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