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A Burlap Wreath For ALL Seasons
This wreath was so easy and it looks like I bought it on some over-priced Etsy shop. I used a bunch of leftover burlap from some curtains that I made for our NEW HOUSE, but even easier, you can just buy burlap in spools in the size you want. I used:

- A 16” wire wreath form
- Burlap (I cut 9 strips 95”Lx4”W)
- Wreath decorations (I got some fake flowers from the Dollar Tree)
- Something to hang your wreath up with (I just used another strip of burlap)

So first, I used each of the 9 strips that I cut out for each of the 9 sections on my wreath form. Taking the first strip, I weaved one end of it in to the first section like so:

Then I flipped it over and secured the end like this:

You won't need to worry about this for very long I promise, it kind of secures itself after weaving it around a few times. I weaved the strip around a few times and then started pulling the burlap up through the wires. This is what my wreath looked like after I had the first two sections done.

When I finished, I stuck my fake flowers in it (there is no mystery here, I just found a spot in the burlap that would hold them securely and stuck them in it).

I later added a couple pipe cleaner spiders and secured them down with red sewing pins. What I like about this wreath is that you can decorate it for different holidays and seasons!