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Burlap Storage Basket Tutorial
I have been meaning to attempt this for a long time as I slowly redecorate our house. I wanted some attractive storage bins for my sewing room or the living room (kids have lots and lots of toys). So here's what I needed to make two large bins:

2 Yards burlap
2 yards lining fabric (I used a 45” home décor fabric from Joann)
2 yards 809 Pellon fusible interfacing
Ironing supplies
Sewing machine and supplies

I cut out my pieces as follows:

Now that you have all the pieces cut out lets get sewing. Start by ironing the interfacing to each of the burlap pieces. Once you're finished with that, place them with right sides together and sew like this:

After you do that, iron the seams flat. Then sew the bottom pieces together. Now it's looking a little more like a basket yes?

Next, sew, iron and sew the lining pieces the same way. Tuck your inside out burlap piece inside your right side out lining. Fold the lining over the top of the burlap piece. Fold and iron an inch at the top of your lining, then fold down another 4 inches and iron. Pin and sew all the way around your basket at the edge of the lining seam.

Now for the handles. If you got the 2 yards extra you should have enough for all four handles. The measurements are listed here:

All I did was fold, iron, and pin both sides of my burlap on to the strip of lining fabric. Once I sewed them lengthwise, I went back and folded each end twice and sewed. I pinned and sewed them to each side of my basket about 1” away from either side of the seam.

They turned out amazing! I'm so excited to use them.