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DIY Burlap Diaper Bag
I've been procrastinating putting this up but here it is! I used this bag over the weekend when we went to the zoo. I honestly hate diaper bags wit a passion so I wanted to make something that actually looked like it might not be full of stuff to clean poop. So here's what I used:

2 yards burlap (you could get away with 1 ½ yards if you wanted, I had some left)
1 ½ yards of lining (I chose black)
Matching thread
Sewing supplies and machine

Here is my chart for how I cut the pieces:

I basically made two purses, one with the burlap and one with the lining. I made 8 2 ½ inch pleats on top of both sides of the burlap and then sewed the lining to the bottom of the burlap so it stayed in place. Now that I look at my chart I would suggest making the lining about 5 inches taller so you can fold it over the top of the burlap and sew covering up the top of your pleats.

I sewed each of my four sides of the straps 6 inches from the side of the bag, obviously on the inside. I think it looks much cleaner that way.  

This is probably my favorite project so far. It took a while but it was worth it because I don't feel like a frumpy mom when I carry it.