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Boho Shorts Tutorial
I found the most beautiful fabric on Amazon and I had to make a pair of shorts out of it because printed shorts are in for spring and summer. Here's what you need to make your own:

- A pair of shorts that fit you to use as a pattern
- 1 yard fabric
- matching thread
- Sewing and ironing supplies
- Elastic (I used 1” elastic)
- Safety pin

The first thing I did was make a paper pattern from my favorite shorts because I didn't want to ruin my fabric by cutting without a pattern. This is the pattern of the front and back of the shorts. I also added pockets which are totally optional.

I folded my fabric in half minding the fact that the bottom part of the fabric was a different pattern than the rest of it. I placed the two patterns on the folded fabric and cut out the two front and two back pieces of the shorts adding about 1” to every side. I measured around where I wanted the shorts to hit on my waist and cut a 3” wide band (adding 3” to the length) to that measurement for the waistband.

I placed my two front pieces with the right sides together and, using a straight stitch, sewed the inside curved line and stopped at the end of the curve. I did the same with the two back pieces. When I was finished I ironed out the seams.

I unfolded the front and back pieces and pinned them right sides together in the crotch and sewed this part together first (it should be an upside down “U” shape.” Then I pinned down both sides around the pockets and sewed the sides together. I ironed out the seams at this point too. Now you have something that looks like shorts. It was at this time that I also sewed my waistband together (with the right sides together) and ironed it in half width-wise creating a tube that's 1.5” wide.

I then turned both pieces right side in, turned the waistband over so that the edges met up with the edge of the top of my shorts, pinned and sewed all the way round leaving about a 3” gap to add my elastic to my waistband tube.

I measured my elastic again around where I wanted the shorts to hit and took away 2” so the waistband would be tight enough to stay up. I used my safety pin the guide the elastic through the waistband tube and sewed the two ends of the elastic together before I finished sewing the waistband on the the shorts.

I hemmed the two leg holes with the outer sides being slightly shorter than the inner sides. I then ironed them once more to flatten out the pockets and I was done!