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No Sew Beach Cover-Up Tutorial
I swear, the snow is going to melt at some point...

And when it does, I'm going to be ready to go to the lake to take Lily swimming for the first time. I made a no sew beach cover-up to wear for the occasion, and it was super easy. All you need is:

          - Some jersey fabric (I got mine a long time ago for super cheap)
          - Scissors
          - Measuring tape

So here are the steps:

1. Fold your jersey fabric in half length-wise
2. Cut a half circle out of the open end on your fabric
3. Fold the half circle down about two inches
4. Cut an inch semi-circle out of the folded fabric

Please note that cutting too little for the arm holes is way better than cutting too much, you can always go back and cut more if you want your arm holes to be bigger. So now that you have your arm holes, you can try on your dress and see where you want to cut the length off.

5. Try on your dress and mark where you want to cut
(to try it on just put opposite arms in the right arm holes 
and the piece folds together on your body leaving a 
dramatic draped back) 
6. Cut the length off

This is how it turned out and I love it! I know Victoria's Secret was selling them last summer but they were way too expensive for what they were. This whole project cost less than $5.