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Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial
My husband teases me about my collection of plastic bags in one of our kitchen cabinets and I keep swearing that it's not an uncommon thing to keep around the house. I seriously use them, I'm not just hoarding them. I hate moving because then I have to start my collection over again, the struggle is real. So I set out to find a way to make having them a little more attractive and finally came across, what I like to call, the “bag bag.” Here's what I used:

- A dish towel
- A sewing machine and sewing supplies
- A safety pin
- Ironing supplies
- Elastic
- Ribbon
- Plastic bags to put in this mofo when it's finished

The first thing I did was fold and iron down each end of the dish towel twice creating a pocket on each end. Then I pinned and sewed. Then I took about a 6” piece of 3/4” wide elastic and ran it through the bottom pocket using my safety pin. I held the other side of the elastic with my teeth to make sure it didn't go through too (very professional stuff). Then I sewed the two ends of elastic together and cut off the excess.

After that was done, I pinned all the way down the length of the dish towel (with right sides facing each other) and sewed leaving the top free of stitches so I could add my ribbon at the end using the safety pin.

All done! It took me all of about ten minutes to make.