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Easy Baby Skirt Tutorial
Spring is coming (I swear... at some point) and I got a bit of a head start with my recent fabric choices. Lily's favorite color is yellow so I decided to make her a yellow skirt, hopefully it will still fit her when Spring rolls around, but I guess it's not a huge deal since this skirt was relatively easy to make. I needed:

- About one yard of fabric (I used ¾ of a yard and I still had some left over)
     - Enough elastic to fit around your baby's waist plus an inch (I used glittery gold elastic)
     - Elastic thread
     - Regular thread
     - A sewing kit
     - Iron and ironing board

I first measured and cut out two squares of fabric at 22” by 22”. I then used my ironing supplies to iron hems on all sides of the fabric squares, pinned off then sewed with my regular thread. After hemming, I measured Lily's waist which ended up being 18.5.” I used this as a guideline for the waist circumference. I folded each fabric square in to fourths and cut a circle out of each keeping my waist measurement in mind (18.5+1=19.5 so I could actually get the skirt on and off of her).

Then I placed one fabric square over the other as in the figure below, pinned and sewed loosely with elastic thread. Using my 18.5” waist measurement guideline from before, I cut my elastic and sewed the two sides together (it ended up being 17.5 inches so the skirt would stay on her body). I gathered the waist of my skirt which I already sewed together, pinned it in to the elastic and sewed.

When all was said and done I think Lily was excited to finally have an article of clothing in her favorite color! She was so happy she decided to read a book. Happy crafting everyone!