​​​​​​​​​You Crafty Bitch

DIY Baby Stacker Toy

You've seen this toy, it's pretty run-of-the-mill boring.

That's why I didn't buy one of them for my kid. She's already bored, this would put her in to a coma. Since I became a stay at home mom, I have a lot of interrupted time on my hands which means that doing anything remotely intellectually meaningful is out of the question. So in come all the crafts. Since I have been crafting, I have gathered a lot of scrap fabric and I thought this would be a perfect project to remedy a lot of those scraps. So here's what I did...

1. I picked five different larger scraps for each of the five donuts.

2. I also picked out some smaller scraps for little taggy-type appendages.

3. I used a set of mixing bowls as a measuring guide and measured each of my fabrics and cut them accordingly.

4. You need to make sure that you have enough of each fabric to make two circles of each. Here mine are all set out in figure 4.

5. After all of my cutting was complete, I pinned each of the sets of circles together.

6. I folded them in half.

7. Folded them again.

8. and 9. Then cut a quarter circle out of the middle.

10. Next, I decided to use some ribbon tags all the way around the circle so I pinned those in.

11. I sewed almost all the way around the circle, leaving a couple inches of space to flip it right side in.

12. After flipping it right side in I sewed the 2 holes in the middle together using some embroidery floss and an embroidering needle.

13. Then I stuffed the donut with batting and closed the remaining hole on the outside of the project.

14. You don't have to do this but I also sewed all the way around the outside of each donut. This figure shows the finished product of the largest donut.

Note: I tried to make a center holder for them, I might yet, but my first couple attempts failed miserably so I left it out.

Here is the finished product. My baby loves using them as pillows, to play peek-a-boo with and, of course, to stick in her mouth. Obviously, an eight month old can't get enough stuff to throw around either.